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Erdmännchen-Maskottchen bei der Arbeit

You have questions about Wikipedia and didn’t find an answer on Help:FAQ? Then you’re right here! Questions will not be answered by e-mail, but only on this page. Questions concerning a current event may be answered in a section below, already. Please sign your post with --~~~~ or by clicking on Insert-signature.png.

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For many concrete requests there are other specific pages:

Questions about the content of an article can be asked on the discussion pages.

Note for English speakers: You can leave a message in English here, but please note that there are help desks in other language-versions, too.

Sections which were last modified more than four days ago or which have been marked with {{Erledigt|1=~~~~}} for three days, will be automatically archivied. Therefore you may find answers for your request also in the archive. (Whole archivelast week)</small>

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